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Feeding Pump Hanger

Most families that come home with a scary diagnosis after weeks or months in the hospital have a long period of confusion about their medical situation.


When we brought our daughter home, she required a feeding bag which hung on an IV Pole. We found ourselves constantly carrying the pole up and down the stairs and had a hard time keeping our other two children from climbing all over it. 


After multiple tries of putting it in a backpack, we became frustrated because the bag would fall over and we’d hear the "no food" alarm go off all the time. We knew there had to be a better solution.

I found a shower caddy from college and placed the pump and food bag in it for more mobility. This led me to the idea of "ditching the pole" and creating a mobile feeding tube hanger. The Flying Squirrel was born!

The Flying Squirrel has eliminated the need to squeeze the air out of the bag or unzip a backpack to figure out what is wrong with the pump. (See all Benefits Below)

With three kids, our life is hectic enough. The Flying Squirrel has made it possible to grab and go and has made refilling quick and easy.



of the Flying Squirrel Feeding Tube Hanger



  • Weighs less than an iPhone 11

  • Adds virtually no weight

  • Easy for young kids to carry in their backpack

Hangs Almost Anywhere

  • Goes from a hook to a knob to a rod

  • Even hangs on your pants pocket

Space Saver

  • Opens up your room and keeps precocious kids from playing with during feeds

Easy Cap Storage

  • Opens up your room and keeps precocious kids from playing with during feeds


  • Easily stow the hanger in the diaper bag for during car travel

  • Fits in nearly all converted backpacks and bags

Stand on its Own

  • It's designed to fully balance and sit where you place it. 

  • The pump stays attached to the hanger and is easily removed to clean the pump 

Holds the Bag

  • Slides right in and holds even when flipped over

  • Eliminate the dreaded “No Food” alarms because the bag has turned over

Fully Customizable

  • Add stickers or decals to make your hanger stand out

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