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    This listing is for a feeding pump holder and has been designed to work with the Infinity pumps. We use this pump holder every day and would be lost without it.

    The hanger is made of strong but lightweight plastic and the pump will probably break before the holder does.

    The holder is lightweight and can hook quickly on your pants pockets or waistband during transfers. Additionally, the hanger will quickly hang on swings, strollers, wheelchairs, and other knobs or hooks you have in your home or car.

    The hanger comes with a knob to allow for quick installation and removal for cleaning.

    The protective cap fits into the holder with friction and keeps the distal end connector close to the pump for easy access. The cap will pop out with moderate pressure so that you can have a clean cap daily.

    The bags easily slide into the holder but the holder will keep the bag in place even if the holder is upside down. (within reason - I can't promise the bag will stay in place if you are going off-road.

    The holder only comes in white.

    This will probably work with most feeding pump backpacks.

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