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Thousands of lives changed

"So convenient for on the go, and we loved the tie dye pattern!"


"So perfect to hold my j feeds when im sleeping. And it compliments my tattoo!"

Alison Yocom

"Such a wonderful item, I got it yesterday and used it today right away!!! My baby is still in the hospital and when he comes off TPN being able to leave the IV pole in the room is so wonderful. I love this product ❤️ Thank you so much."


Super fast shipping and excellent quality! Second time getting it and it’s the best!


"The flying squirrel has been amazing! So mobile, light and easy."


"The flying squirrel is an absolute MUST if you have a feeding tube. Since getting it, the amount of no flow errors I get have decreased dramatically. Before, the alarm would go off almost any time I had it in a backpack- now I just throw the entire structure in a bag and have 0 problems. It is also very compact- I can fit the entire thing in a miniature Vera Bradley backpack which is very convenient. I absolutely LOVE it!"


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